Our Story

Shopping as a full-figured woman is very hard and can be mentally draining. It is difficult to find clothing that is fashionable at an affordable price point.
We are a team of hairstylists by trade, so beauty and fashion are a big part of our lives. We want every curvy queen to be able to feel beautiful in their own skin.
Everything for "Girl's Night Out," "Business Casual," to feeling sexy in the bedroom, We have something for everyone. Our garments are organized by measurement so you can find your perfect fit. For example, 0 = Large/XL 1 = 1x 2=2x and so on. Seeing many X'S on a tag can make one feel uncomfortable. We want to make shopping a fabulous experience! 
Our business is part of the green movement as it gives new ownership to old treasures. Quality clothing is important because it lasts longer and can be used for a lifetime if taken care of properly! Fast fashion is one of the largest polluters in the world. Reselling garments keeps them from filling landfills.